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Looking To Market Your Home?

Marketing Your Home With A Monmouth County Real Estate Agent.

So, you have decided you are ready for a change, you’re determined, you’re motivated and serious about the change, perhaps circumstances being what they are, you have to make a change, you have to market your home. Now is the time to contact a Monmouth County Real Estate Agent.

You’ll notice, I prefer the term “Market” as opposed to “Sell” as I am not an advocate of putting the cart before the horse. Of course the ultimate goal is the sale of your home but in these times, how does that happen? Just like everything else in our lives, this process has also changed, evolved and those in a position to purchase your home go about the business of shopping for homes quite differently, from even a few short years ago. As a Real Estate Agent Professional, “I’m of the opinion, marketing is key!”

In most cases, choosing a Monmouth County Real Estate Agent, interviewing agents is paramount. This is the most important decision you will make in your business alignment, the business of marketing your home. Agents, not agencies Sell homes but of course every working agent by law has to be aligned with an agency.

Agencies are the foundation for the business of Real Estate, the governing body for their roster of agents. All agencies have a marketing approach, all agencies have an Internet presence which is how over 90% of the purchasing public start a home search. All agencies present their listings on their websites and the Multiple Listing Systems (MLS), where all the listings compete with one another. Some agencies will link themselves, their websites to other Internet venues, search engines for the purpose of reaching a greater audience, thus increasing the chance that more eyes will view any given property. This business model is the same for anything you shop for on-line, simply typing in the search bar what you are looking for.

Searching for a home is no different. Here is an example, if you were a Buyer, say searching for a home in Holmdel, I would bet you might type, “Holmdel Homes For Sale”, into the search bar, the results would then be displayed on your screen. A Buyer would then pick and choose accordingly but studies show, the public will usually limit their interest to the results on the first page of any given search engine, like Google.com for instance.

As I mentioned, agents are responsible for the sale of your home and as I have briefly explained, in almost all cases, this is how business gets done. I am one of the exceptions to the rule. In outlining what I am about to offer, kindly be mindful of my unique differences when you are interviewing, searching for your Monmouth County Real Estate Agent to represent you.


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