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All agents will tell you they advertise on the Internet. Ask them to either explain or show you how, just as I done, just as I will. If you took the time to type in “Monmouth County Real Estate Agent” as an example, on the search bar, this is just one way you would have found me.

Every Monmouth County Real Estate Agent, any agent, will tell you your home will be posted on the MLS system, which is true. All agents will tell you your home will be posted on Realtor.com, which in most cases is true. But what does this mean? I am of the opinion these resources are two of the most important components in marketing your home, yet the most under utilized by listing agents. There is utility offered though these Agent and home Buyer websites where optimized performance is based on optimized utility.

Ok, I lost you.

The MLS system allows for 25 photographs to showcase your home. At times agents will take what they take, many times less than the number allotted. If an agent is aligned with Realtor.com, the number one home Buyers search website on the planet, those same photographs will auto-populate from the MLS System to the listing for your home on Realtor.com. This is a huge disservice to you the client, as Realtor.com allows for up to 36 photographs. Perhaps more importantly, as a reward to the listing agent, as reward to you the Seller, displaying the maximum number of photos enhances the position of your listing in the search criteria when an individual is searching for a home.

My point, when interviewing an agent, ask them how many photographs they will be taking of your home. If it’s anything less than 36 photographs, find another agent, as the search by: “amount of photographs” or “by photographs” is the number one search criteria on Realtor.com. So now you know how this works. “But what about the quality of the photographs?” Ask to see visual reference of either their photographic proficiency or the work of the photographer they will contract to showcase your home. Another key ingredient, another unique difference in regard to my marketing, even though I am a Monmouth County Real Estate Agent, I am also a professional photographer.

Thanks for checking out the link, perhaps you are wondering, perhaps you noticed, you’re curious,… what are Single Property Websites?

I build complimentary custom websites for all my listings. This marketing approach is in addition to Realtor.com, the MLS System and my agency’s marketing efforts, which I use to assist my clients. These days Internet marketing presence is everything and it doesn’t hurt to go beyond the normal websites, as certainly more is needed during these times.

Below is an example of a Single Property Website. Please take a look at the quality of the photography, the amount of photographs and the comprehensive nature of the website:


You will also notice the web address or URL, it’s the address for the property, this does not happen by accident. The web address is also displayed on your lawn sign as a rider, making it easy for anyone driving by to simply log onto the Internet from their cell phone, view your home and call me for a showing.

Single Property Websites afford me the opportunity to market homes exclusively in any venue, on any search engine. Again, this effort should not be confused with Real Estate agency websites, where one’s home normally competes with all the other office listings.

All I am asking for is your professional consideration if, when the time comes to market your home. If this is the case, you are certainly entitled to more than some complimentary CMA, which most agents offer. I challenge you to find a more compelling reason to align yourself with any other Monmouth County Real Estate Agent. If I’ve gone to this extent to educate you, to earn your trust, imagine what I will provide when rewarded with your business. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or needs as I welcome the opportunity to assist you. If for no other reason, maybe it’s about time you not only get what you expect but certainly what you deserve!

By the way, not only am I an area specialist, it just happens to be where I’ve lived for the last 45 years. I am a full time, licensed, Real Estate professional. I run my business seven days a week while specializing in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties. Here are some other examples of previous clients homes, Single Property Websites:



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