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Looking To Purchase A Home?

Purchasing Your Next Home With A Monmouth County Real Estate Agent.

As any of the county’s Monmouth County Real Estate Agents know, now is a great time to take advantage of some good deals, some great deals, especially with interest rates remaining very low & of course,… everything remains negotiable. A Monmouth County Real Estate Agent should stay on top of the market & should advise you on the best time to purchase your next home, while keeping abreast of the current market landscape & the inventory.

You don’t need a Monmouth County Real Estate Agent, to tell you what type of home style you require, what amenities you are looking for, although there may be some agents who think they know better than you. Perhaps now would be a good time to discuss the home search process, what questions may be asked of you, what qualities you should look for in a Buyer’s, Monmouth County Real Estate Agent.

Once you have decided you are ready for a change, once you have determined you are motivated & serious about that change, the time is right to contact a Monmouth County Real Estate Agent. Communication will be the key ingredient throughout the process. You will be expected to be forthright, honest in what you impart regarding your conviction, circumstances and resources. So, what does this mean? In no particular order, here are examples of questions you should be prepared to have answers for or be prepared to answer in the very near future. Kindly note, these are not intended to be prodding or nosey but will be telling in regard to formulating a plan, a timetable toward the realization of purchasing your next home.


Consider this a foundation so to speak, for success in achieving your goal:

-When would you like to be in your next home?
-Do you currently own the home or are you renting?
-If you own the home, do you have to sell the home to move forward?
-Is your home currently on the market? If so, is your home currently Under Contract?
-Is your proposed home purchase based on employment relocation?
-Do you have an indication as to what your credit score/rating might be?
-How long have you been employed?
-Are you an employee?
-Do work as an independent contractor?
-Do you own your own business?
-Can you provide income verification, proof of employment and tax returns?
-The deposit monies being used toward your purchase, where will they be coming from: savings, gifted, transferal or closeout from a fund?
-Do you have a relationship with a mortgage provider or financial advisor?


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Search Like a Pro!

Search Like a Pro!